Resilient SDK Development Image

I have been working on creating a development environment that I can just create, develope, test, and package integrations. Resilient-Circuits was extremely easy to do this as the export the functions and install using pip was all you had to do. With having to make sure that you have docker installed the right way, the environment setup properly in your docker, and having to now package everything from the docker container including the docker container, it is much harder than the old resilient-circuits method with not any good documentation in your KB of how to do all of this. This means I am having to jump back and forth between multiple Community articles and the KB just to get this setup. It sure would be nice if you had a VM image like you do for both the resilient app and host app that we could just deploy and start developing if you guys are wanting to make this easier to do for all of your customers.

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  • Feb 26 2021
  • Under review