Add Artifact Description pop-up (Resilient 39.1 and 39.2 )


We just upgraded from Resilient 36.2 to the last version available today (Resilient 39.2) and we noticed that the Artifact Description pop-up when we mouseover is missing.

Now there is a Description column which can be added. The problem is that if we have a description which is long a few lines, there is a lot of space which is being taken and (in our opinion) wasted. In Resilient 38 it was pretty good.

I attached a screenshot (desc_example).

Also, the focus on Description (see screenshot bad_focus) need to be seen without being clicked, already expanded when we are in artifact details. This way we see all the informations at a glance.


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  • Jan 19 2021
  • Future consideration
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    8 Apr 02:29pm

    To the guy who posted the two screenshots: this is exactly what I would like to avoid (and in my screenshots is clearly showed). Because if you have a long Description there will be a waste of space.

    A short Description with mouseover popup, like in previous version, was perfect.

    Try for yourself to put a three lines Description on about 5 artifacts and then we will talk :)

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    30 Mar 12:36pm

    You have a direct visibility to the Artifact Description by adding the field in the Artifact tab, has visible on the attached image.

    This is even more convenient than the previous mouse over (for my point of view)

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    MARTIN FEENEY commented
    30 Mar 08:43am

    Hi Guys, Just to explain the change in behaviour here, its part of the move to the more modern styling and in this case its behind the curve on what we had before so will feed that back to design. Usually the newer styling tends to have better UX but in this case it doesn't support the mouse over/popup behaviour we previously had.

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    12 Mar 05:42pm

    I definitely second this Idea. It is almost verbatim with a fault ticket I raised and then the later discussion with an IBM support person. We now have several automations creating Artifacts and used the Description field to provide a thumbnail of who had created them, by which route and from what attachment or other resource. It was really useful to see this almost at a glance and without having to open up the Artifact and later close it. Particularly so when going down a lengthy set of Artifacts.

    Please, please, please could this simple feature be reinstated?