Remove Mandatory Requirement on "Name" Field

The incident "Name" field is not always used by customers, nor is it always required (by the customer) to create a case ticket. For one of my customers, they have a specific 11 character naming convention that I created a script for to follow their convention and use the Incident ID to add randomization.

When a user goes to create a ticket manually, they are forced to provide an entry, and as such the administrators are forced to keep this field onscreen though they want to minimize the noise on screen. Allowing for this field to be optional would solve this.

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  • Oct 23 2020
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    Guest commented
    23 Nov, 2020 02:42pm

    Thanks for giving an understanding to the difficulty of it. In the end, the customer would simply like to do away with needing this field in the Incident Creation wizard that they will be using heavily. Doing so would minimize the amount of potential confusion as to what should be entered.

    Setting the default after incident creation won't work as the mandatory field(s) need to be populated during creation. However, If a name could be defaulted (without manual or API entry), AND allow for incident creation, that too would be acceptable, as it resolves the customer's primary want. Duplicate names in Resilient shouldn't be a problem as they happen all the time.

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    MARTIN FEENEY commented
    23 Nov, 2020 10:50am

    I don't think we'd make name optional. the potential impacts across the product and its integrations could be extensive for a field so long mandatory. The idea of defaulting a name could be considered, but we won't be defaulting to a customer specific pattern either as is the case here.