Incident.addRow('table_name') Should Return Row ID

The method incident.addRow() should return the ID of the row it just created.

This would be incredibly helpful when trying to use the fn_datatable_utils package, specifically the Data Table Utils: Update Row function.

Here's my use case:

I'm building the functionality to launch a URL / File analysis in FireEye AX from within Resilient. I am trying to orchestrate the analysis (launch, update status until complete, get results) within a workflow. I would like to add a row in a data table as soon as the analysis is started. Every time the status is updated I would like the update the 'status' column of that row with what I just got from the update status function. Once the analysis is complete and I have the results I would like to update the rows of the data table with some specific data from the results.

This would be much simpler to do if I had the ID of the row I created right off the bat. I would create a workflow property with the data table row ID in it. Then downstream in the workflow I'd be able to reference the ID I just created before when using Data Table Utils: Update Row.

I believe this is currently possible by using the Data Table Utils: Get Row function, but I think returning the ID from the incident.addRow() would be a more elegant solution (would certainly make my workflow more streamlined - one less function that has to be in it).

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  • Oct 20 2020
  • Future consideration