Ability to select rows in a data table for multi-row action

Currently, if we have a data table with rows to which we need to take action, there is a need to click on the button for each row to which we would like to apply the action to.  If Data Tables were enabled like the [List] Incidents capability where we can select individual rows (or all), and for those selected rows take action, this would make usability easier - especially where automation is not always the answer.


Example: Data Table contains information on phishing email recipients: username, system info, whether or not they clicked on an identified malicious hyperlink/file, etc


In this phishing example, it would be good to organize by identified users who clicked on the link, and take action (e.g. isolate host, force change password, etc) via integrated technology, and then for all identified users/rows flush the mail from their inbox via another integrated technology.

Right now this kind of activity must be done individually per row. 
FYI: There is an almost similar RFE to delete all rows in a DT.  That can be merged into this request.
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  • Jan 28 2020
  • Future consideration
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