Full HTML in notes, notification, email, task instructions, wiki including image visibility

Notes and notification are currently text information only, sometime enhanced text, but just text.

In many case, analysts are underlying their finding with an graph, screen, image captured to enhance the visualization of the communication.

Currently, graphs, screens, images are just visible in attachments, not linked to a note, a context. globally useless.

Collaborating with people using image and text in the same note, notification, email is mandatory for a good communication.

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  • Apr 6 2018
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    20 Nov, 2019 10:59am

    We have a workaround for some of the things:

    Copy picture (or screengrab of excel sheet) to clipboard and paste it to the note.

    Benefit: It can be seen/read in the notes

    Downside: Pictures cannot be indexed for the search


    My proposal:

    Change the notes JS editor to a markdown editor with real time preview. To ensure compability provide an option for admins to:

    - Have only the old JS editor

    - Have the new markdown editor

    - Give the user the option to choose the editor (in the users settings)

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    30 Jul, 2019 04:39pm

    Quill supports data tables, as seen here: https://codepen.io/quill/pen/QxypzX  -- Please add HTML table support to the RTE at the very least.


    Now, I understand an issue with this is the word wrapping. I believe this could be solved by creating each table inside a div element with overflow-y set to auto. Ideally this would be enforced for all tables - meaning also via helper.createRichText().

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    27 Sep, 2018 02:32am

    It would be good to have full html table support, because I am using notes as a template for sending email out from the system, and most email clients including outlook works well with html table. div and span are not supported well in outlook

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    10 Sep, 2018 08:33am

    100% agree.    Having the capability of adding a tab with plain HTML could be extremely useful  (e.g. combine multiple tables and formatted text in a single tab).