Parent/Child incident relationships

Parent” to “Child” relationships.  I.e.  – We have an incident that occurs and following that incident there are several other incidents that are related to the “Master” (basically all root cause details are the same) IE: Phishing. 

The incident is related to the same client and the process and validation steps were not followed thus causing a potential PHI breach.  I’d like to take Incident 12345 and have all other incidents tie in to that master.  In doing so, the “child” would inherit the resolution, root cause and other aspects of the “Parent” we define.

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  • Nov 14 2018
  • Future consideration
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    17 Nov, 2020 02:12pm

    Idea submission is now 2 years old and still no road map announcement. All mainstream ticket platforms have this capability, and while there is a community addon that one can use, having something officially baked into the platform would be better.

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    16 Sep, 2020 04:00pm

    Looking for an update on this request.

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    10 Jul, 2020 07:34pm

    Any update on this RFE?

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    8 Jul, 2020 06:56pm

    What the ?The merged idea "R-I-878" isn't related on this kind of parent / child chained incident.This is totally different, and only relates to cosmetic and ease of use in choosing the category and subcategory, and it actually makes sense in the incident type hierarchy.I Hope it doesn't gets to a misunderstanding.

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    20 Nov, 2019 10:10am

    I agree that I would love to see such a feature, however very likely your idea would work very differently from the idea, that I have in my head.

    There are so many things to consider:

    • Which fields are taken over to the child? Or back to the parent after change?
    • Which fields have priority, if both are changed at a similar time?
    • Is the parent like a master ticket, which sums up the same issue for different customers? Or does it group customers for different issues?
    • Are artefacts automatically inherited? Attachments?
    • What if you identify that a child for customer A is actually a different issue than for customer B? can you "unlink" a child from a parent?
    • Do we only have parent - child? or are there siblings?

    There are more basic things, I would love to see first. ;)

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    28 Mar, 2019 06:01pm

    Our org could really use this functionality. We need a way to relate incidents on a true parent-child level rather than just via artifacts. 

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    25 Mar, 2019 10:15am

    Our organization could also benefit greatly from such a parent/child incident model, possibly with some variations.  We would like a 'parent' incident to be able to spin off 'child' incidents that could contain selected data but be in a specified Workspace and have membership assigned to a local market/Operating Company (OpCo) to get the cooperation of a subsidiary part of the company for a specific purpose, within the overall Incident.  The OpCo could be issued Tasks through the child Incident and provided with just enough information to execute and respond to the Tasks.  Ideally the parent should have a table of children with key details including a link to each child and status that would track completion of the assigned tasks - perhaps just the overall status of the child Incident as an analog for completion of work.  Also the child should have a link up to the parent - though OpCos could not take this for security reasons but visiting high-level users could do so.

    I can show a Circuits-programmed version of this working, FYI, if required.

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    14 Dec, 2018 08:55pm

    This is highly needed, and would allow User modification of a greater number of incidents much more simply. Otherwise a Menu Item Rule on the Incident List would need to be created by an Administrator with Customization Settings rights everytime a group of incidents like this comes in.