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Ability to Export / Import selective items including data from one instance to another Merged

While you can create granular exports from Resilient 

Default: Roles, Fields, Data Tables, Artifact Types, and Incident Types are included in all exports.

By tick box:

  • Layouts
  • Rules, Scripts, Message Destinations, Functions and Workflows.
  • Phases and Tasks (linked rules and workflows) 

It would be easier to have a supported way to export a single file via script and GUI, which can then be selectively imported.  This would also need to include an option not to import incidents. 

Use Case(s)

  • Ability to develop and promote changes though environments. 
  • Ability to replicate a production environment without live incidents to create an environment that can be used to test issues and train users with minimal risk to the live environment. 
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  • Aug 6 2018
  • Future consideration
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    Brenden Glynn commented
    9 Aug, 2018 10:58pm

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