Improvements to Privacy Layouts/Tasks – Allow Content Tagging

  • Identify all Privacy related content and Tag them to allow for ease of update and protection from unintentional changes which could lead to incorrect operation of the Privacy Module and its Liability assessments. Since Resilient maintains this content, and it is aligned to governing bodies (law, policy, guidelines, regulations). Customers should not be making changes on their own.
    • Currently a user with Customization Settings permissions can Remove and Edit some of the Privacy Module Content (Tasks, Fields, Layouts). There is no current mention or warning within the system notifying the User of the potential unwanted consequences of the changes.
    • There is no way currently to prevent a user from modifying Privacy module content.
    • With this content Tagged (identified to the system, and user) the system could warn and or prevent them from making changes.
  • The ability to identify and subsequently safeguard Privacy content, it will allow Resilient to update, change and add content in a much easier manner without negatively impacting a client’s experience and or organization.
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  • Aug 3 2018
  • Not under consideration
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