Version control of Playbooks / all Resilient content (fields, tasks, scripts, workflows, rules...)

It would be useful for Resilient to provide version control of entire Playbooks, Processes, and it's individual content.

To perform this at the Playbook level, it's content will need to be tagged as part of that Playbook. From there a snapshot/archive could be taken of it.

To ease the ability to perform maintenance and to add better change control on all content in Resilient, I would like to extend this to all Resilient Content Objects:

  • Phases
  • Tasks
  • Fields (Incident, Data Table, Activity)
  • Artifacts
  • Rules
  • Workflows
  • Functions
  • Scripts
  • Message Destinations

Capturing at least the following on each of the above listed objects:

  • Date/Time/User of creation
  • Date/Time/User of each modification
  • Version (change iteration number)
  • "Last used" would be another interesting metric, to quickly determine how "stale" an object is. To evaluate it for removal.
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  • Apr 3 2018
  • Future consideration