Ability to Schedule Custom Reports

Ability to schedule & send out custom reports with option to filter for any fields. Example use case: Resilient to send out a daily report to each user with their open tickets, percentage of tasks completed for each ticket, days since each ticket was created/updated.

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  • Jun 22 2018
  • Future consideration
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    14 Sep, 2020 01:56pm

    I saw the notification on uncommitted candidate status today, and wanted to reiterate that this is still very much needed. Automated and scheduled reports are a requirement for those working with any type of SOAR.

    This item, with the additionally need of the ability to create a incident report that could be made available to other users instead of just the principle.id, would greatly enhance the management Resilient experience.

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    26 May, 2020 09:32pm

    It posted 2 years ago. Unfortunately we couldn't see any progress about it.

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    26 May, 2020 09:30pm

    I personally believe that this is very urgent requirement because competitors are using this lack to against us.

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    5 Feb, 2020 04:57pm

    Requested by Trustnet BP.

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    27 Jan, 2020 03:06pm

    This would also help us "save" the original input from a user reporting a privacy incident via a web form.

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    MARTIN FEENEY commented
    21 May, 2019 11:50am

    Hi folks,

    We wanted to give a general update on this Idea which is among our most popular Ideas based on votes.

    Reporting has been a focus for improvement in our roadmap for some time now and continues to be so.

    We've delivered a number of smaller enhancements in recent releases and have more in the pipeline.

    As regards the larger items, of which this Idea is one, these are planned to be assessed/addressed in the following order;

    - Time tracking, making it easier to track time spent in field states such as phase.

    - BI Extension, making Incident data accessible to thirdparty reporting tools

    - Investigate sub incident object reporting, e.g. whats involved in making datatables, artifacts, etc available for reporting on in the UI

    - Scheduled Reporting

    The first two items, time tracking and BI Extension are in progress as I type and we hope to move to the other two, including this Idea, as per the sequence above.

    Feel free to contact any of the product management team with any questions, clarifications on the above.

    On behalf of the Resilient PM team,


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    21 Apr, 2019 07:50am

    .. or as an example: Send a auto-generated weekly report of all open incidents meetingĀ  a certain condition including a predefined set of case attributes. Additionally include over-all incident stats again filtered by criteria, e.g., incident type and level.