Add support in Resilient (IBM SOAR) of PostgresSQL package available from Red Hat SCL official repository

The current version of Resilient (IBM SOAR) does not support the PostgresSQL packages distributed from the official RedHat SCL repositories.

The PostgresSQL RHSCL package contains the same SW as the one available from the main download site but the installation paths are different (this is according to well defined and documented Red Hat rules). Therefore, the Resilient (IBM SOAR) installation procedure fails since it cannot find the postgresSQL files and it is not flexible enough to look for other official package distribution path options. As consequence the installation erroneously assumes that PostgresSQL is not installed.

The Red Hat Software Collection (RHSCL) is an official repository with the latest, stable updates for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Given the IBM resilient pre-requisite to run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, we expect that the RHSCL SW repository can be used.

As it is now, the IBM SOAR SW requires manual update of 3pp SW when on-premises instance without direct internet connection as it does not allow the usage of internal enterprise level SW lifecycle management systems with RedHat SCL validated repository. E.g. it may be not possible to ensure an effective and timely vulnerability patching.
We expect it to be a common issue to several enterprise IT environments based on Red Hat.

Note: additional info available in the support ticket TS005245045

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  • Apr 26 2021
  • Under review